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A room full of collectives, a space resounding with opulent taste, an area filled with energy; JustAntiques is all of this and more.

JustAntiques is a story for future homes or a makeover of existent ones and your second home options. For every project large or small, for every responsibility, we have a solution. Whatever the need, at JustAntiques , the need to satisfy supersedes all other protocols. The ever-changing variety of products will have YOU changing your mind till… YOU know this is what makes your dream house your reality.

JustAntiques has been growing by leaps and bounds every year by offering our customers 13 years of shopping experience. It’s all about keeping it classy and beautifully curated. Art, fashion, culture and innovation wrapped together in the warm glow of ethnicity – that’s exactly what JustAntiques is all about. The more you browse, the more overwhelmed you will be!

Pioneered by the inimitable, craftsmen and artisans, JustAntiques  merchandise has been carefully chosen and handpicked to precisely fit into a place “WHERE LIFE MEETS STYLE”!

At JustAntiques , it’s not ABOUT US, it’s ABOUT YOU!

JustAntiques is India’s finest purveyor of handmade antique colonial furniture. We are the proud owners of what is probably the largest collection of South Asian colonial furniture. At any given time, we have over a thousand pieces of contemporary and colonial furniture in our expansive showroom, which is located in the heart of PUNE.

Our range of products and services includes:

Contemporary Furniture

We are one of India’s leading sources of high quality contemporary furniture. Our product range includes furniture with simple lines to give maximum utility in today’s world of small spaces. We also have an excellent collection of Indian furniture from all over the subcontinent made from seasoned teak to provide lifetime durability. Timeless in design and style, these pieces add flair and sophistication to any home, office, hotel or interior design project.

Reproductions of Antique Furniture

we have a range of several hundred pieces of reproduction furniture. Over the years, we have carefully selected the finest pieces from amongst thousands of antiques and introduced these into our collection of reproductions.

We sell our line of reproduction furniture as “antiques of tomorrow”. We use seasoned reclaimed antique Burma Teak wood, which we source from old mansions and villas, to make our reproductions. All our furniture is handmade using traditional techniques. It is then finished using our unique eight-stage hand rubbed polish technique. With our flawless craftsmanship and duplication of original patinas, these pieces of furniture are the beautiful and collectible ‘antiques of tomorrow’.

Art Deco Furniture

we have a fine collection of reproduction Art Deco Furniture. Exhibiting the glamor, elegance and modern functionality that Art Deco design is famous for, these pieces often feature fine marquetry (inlay) work and usually incorporate two or three types of wood.

Custom Order Furniture

we are glad to work closely with our clients and the trade to turn your furniture ideas, thoughts and fantasies into reality. Bring us any references, photographs, sketches and give us your dimensions and specifications and we will recreate that piece for you. Whether it is a bed from Bali, a table from Thailand, a chair from Colombo, or a panel from Prague, we have it all.

No job is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated. From the simplest chair to fabulous oversize museum quality pieces, we have custom made furniture of practically every style and size.

We do not restrict ourselves to custom producing only colonial and antique furniture. We also use our expertise to give you high quality, durable furniture of your choice, style and design, using seasoned teak wood, at a fair price. Art deco, contemporary and oriental are some of the many styles of furniture that we often custom make for our clients.

As part of our Custom Furniture service, we take care of the entire process of developing your furniture. We will carry out all of the sampling, sizing, and finishing as per your specifications, at our expense. You only pay for the piece you ordered, not the cost of developing it.

Furniture and Architectural Sourcing Services

Besides our exhaustive inventory of original pieces, if you require old pieces for a project, whether it be furniture or architectural requirements and fragments, we can source these for you. We have an excellent network of agents and dealers working for us in every part of the country. Whatever your need, whether it is a 20ft high exquisitely carved antique door, a collection of Royal pillars, a set of old Colonial doors and windows, or a life size facade of an old haveli (villa), we will find it for you.

Thanks to our Custom Order Furniture and sourcing services, you no longer have to curtail your creativity due to a lack of resources.

Designing and Styling Services

For the purpose of planning furniture for your projects, we are happy to work with you from the drawing board stage onwards. You can bring us a floor plan and we will offer you furniture that will suit your aesthetic sensibilities and budget. We frequently handle projects that involve working closely with designers and understand the collaborative nature of the interior design process.


We offer a large range of finishes ranging from standard natural finishes, which highlight the quality of the wood and its grain, to more sophisticated stains, as well as distressed and antique finishes. We often provide faux antique patinas and custom finishes are happy to work with you to achieve the finish of your choice.